Affiliate World Dubai (2024) – From Burj Khalifa to Billion Dollar Clicks

Affiliate World Conferences are some of the most magnificent events in the field of affiliate marketing. They open up new opportunities for learning and networking with the brightest minds in the industry.

If you were looking forward to joining an AW Conference, the wait is finally over! Affiliate World Dubai has been announced! It’s the first AW Conference happening in 2024!

In the past few years, I’ve attended several affiliate marketing and blogging-related events. These include AW Dubai, ad:tech Delhi, WordCamp Asia, Google Search Central Live, IAS Delhi, and more. And now, I’m super excited about attending the AW Dubai in a few days. 

So, what happens at the AW Conference? What are the benefits of attending it? Let’s dive straight into it to find out.

What is the Affiliate World Conference?

Affiliate World Conference is the most prolific affiliate marketing event in the world. It’s a 2-day offline meetup that’s held thrice a year in various countries in Europe and Asia. Here, you’ll find the top affiliate marketers, advertisers, digital marketers, and eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Affiliate World Dubai homepage.

The biggest benefit of the Affiliate World Conference is the valuable insights industry leaders offer and the priceless connections formed during the event. I have been attending the Affiliate World Conferences since 2022.

I recently attended the Affiliate World Bangkok in December 2023. It was a refreshing experience filled with networking, conversations, learning, and fun! You can check out my entire experience in the video below.

About Affiliate World Dubai 2024

Now that we’ve understood what Affiliate World Conferences are, let us get into the details of Affiliate World Dubai.

Affiliate World Dubai – Date and Venue

The Affiliate World Dubai is scheduled on the 28th and 29th of February 2024. The venue for the event is the Dubai World Trade Center.

In case you’re visiting Dubai for the first time, you can also check out their Hotels page to find good hotels at discounted prices. You can also check out exciting things to do in Dubai on their Discover Dubai page.

Affiliate World Dubai – Exhibitors and Attendees

The Affiliate World Conference in Dubai would feature over 5,500+ attendees from 110+ countries around the world. It will also include 120+ Advertisers, 40+ Traffic Sources, and 170+ Affiliate Networks.

AW Dubai - Exhibitors

Some major exhibitors you will come across at AW Dubai are MonetizeAd, MGID, Xapads, Taboola, AdCash,, Chilli Partners, TrafficStars, and many more. You can check out their detailed list of exhibitors for more information.

Affiliate World Dubai – Schedule

The schedule for AW Dubai is decided. The event is scheduled from 27th to 29th Feb, between 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. Let’s quickly get into the details.

AW Dubai Schedule

Registration Day

On 27th Feb 2024, all the attendees of Affiliate World Dubai can visit the registration desk and get their passes for the event. To complete the registration, they will need to have a photo ID and the AW Networking app on their phone.

If you’re attending the Affiliate World Conference for the first time, you can take part in the First-Timers’ Affiliate Meetup to figure out how to get the most out of this event. It’s a free conference for all the AW participants.

Day 1 Schedule 

On 28th Feb (Day 1), you can attend various insightful sessions around affiliate marketing. The Main Stage will feature hours of expert sessions on topics like TikTok, SEO, Meta Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Google Ads, etc.

The Breakout Stage will feature additional sessions on AI, Lead Generation, Emails/SMS, etc. There are various networking events scheduled for Day 1, including Native Ads Mixer, SEO Mixer, Happy Hour, and Sundown Sessions at Zero Gravity.

Day 2 Schedule

On 29th Feb (Day 2), the main stage will have expert-level content sessions lined up on topics like affiliate marketing, Native Ads, Meta Ads, and SEO. The Breakout Stage will discuss topics like Search and Content Arbitrage, TikTok, Google Ads, and more.

Finally, you can also attend a variety of networking events like Meta Ads Mixer, Google Ads Mixer, TikTok Mixer, Happy Hour, and the Official Affiliate World Closing Party at Bla Bla.

Affiliate World Dubai – Speakers

This event will be graced by 45+ esteemed speakers belonging to the eCommerce and performance marketing industries. To give you an idea, these are some of the experts who will be speaking at AW Dubai.

AW Dubai - Speakers


  • Blake Hutchison (Founder, Flippa)
  • Amin Siala (Senior Growth Consultant, Google)
  • Vipul Taneja (CEO, Adsparkx)
  • Kris Sugatan (Founder & CEO, Sugatan)
  • Craig Campbell (Affiliate Marketer)

And many more… For more details, you can check out the AW Dubai Speakers list.

Affiliate World Dubai – Topics

The major topics of discussion at the AW Dubai event are Meta Ads, Google Ads, SEO, Native Ads, TikTok, and more. If you’re interested in learning about any of these topics from the experts themselves, join the AW Dubai Conference.

What will You Get from Affiliate World Dubai 2024?

Wondering how will attending AW Dubai benefit you? Well, there are a ton of benefits to attending such conferences. Let’s check out the major ones.

1) Valuable Learnings

Taking part in Affiliate World Dubai will give you the chance to listen to the brightest minds in the industry. You can learn from their experiences and get some valuable tips, tricks, and strategies to boost your business growth.

AW Dubai Sessions

2) Networking Opportunity

AW Dubai will also help you interact and connect with industry professionals with years of experience. You can network with your favorite brands, marketers, affiliates, ad agencies, etc. Thus, this is an exciting opportunity to broaden your connections in the affiliate marketing industry.

3) Cracking Business Deals

Good networking will ultimately reap a tonne of benefits for you. You can get exciting discounts from your favorite brands and if you have some services to offer, you can even crack exclusive business deals with them.

How to Take Part in Affiliate World Dubai?

To participate in Affiliate World Conference Dubai, you need to get a pass to the event. There are two types of passes available: Affiliate Pass and Company Pass.

With both of these passes, you will get access to the 2-day exhibition, 35+ live speeches, panels & Q&As, 5+ Mixers + 2 Happy Hours, the Official Opening Party (27 Feb), the Official Networking Event (28 Feb), and the Official Closing Party (29 Feb).

However, there is a stark difference in their pricing.

AW Dubai Pricing

The Affiliate Pass costs $1239 (approx ₹1.02 lakh) This is exclusively for affiliates. Whereas, the Company pass costs $1949 (approx ₹1.61 lakh). This pass is for the employees of affiliate networks, agencies, advertisers, solution providers, or traffic sources.

One thing to note is that the prices keep on increasing every few days. So, if you’re planning to attend the AW Dubai event, grab your passes as early as possible for the maximum discounts.

They also do not offer any refunds on ticket cancellations. If you cannot attend the event, you can get it transferred to another participant 48 hours prior to the event.

AW Dubai 2024 Discount Coupon Code

Looking for extra discounts on your Affiliate World passes? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! If you’re planning to get the Affiliate Pass, it is priced at $1239 (approx ₹1.02 lakh) right now. But if you use my link to purchase it, you can get an instant 15% off on your ticket.

AWC Dubai Discount Coupon Code

So, you can get the Affiliate Pass for just $1,053 (approx ₹87,000) right now. You won’t find such steep discounts anywhere else. So, if you’re planning to attend AWC Dubai, make sure you take advantage of this offer!

Past Affiliate World Events

The previous Affiliate World Conference was held in Bangkok (Asia) in December 2023. AWC Bangkok was an enriching experience where I learned lots of new tips and strategies for my business and made lots of deep connections.

Prior to this, the AW events were held in Dubai and Europe in 2023, but I couldn’t attend them because of my super-packed schedule. However, I attended the AW Dubai and AW Barcelona Conferences back in 2022. You can check out my experience at AW Barcelona below.

Am I Attending the Affiliate World Dubai 2024?

I have attended a handful of Affiliate Marketing Conferences in the last few years. In fact, the first Affiliate World Conference that I took part in was in Dubai itself. It was also my first ever International trip as well, which made it even more special and memorable for me.

You can check out my experience in the video below.

Talking about the current event, I have planned to attend the AW Conference in Dubai. I’m quite excited to meet some new faces and reconnect with my old friends and professionals. So, if you’re planning to attend AW Dubai, let’s catch up there!

Should You Attend the Affiliate World Dubai 2024?

If you belong to affiliate marketing, advertising, eCommerce marketing, technology, blogging, content creation, or performance marketing industries, attending the AW Dubai Conference will be fruitful for you.

AW Dubai networking

However, my advice would be to only participate in this event if you have considerable experience in your field. The networking and connections will only be useful for you if you have some concrete results to show.

Thus, if you’re an absolute beginner with no experience, I would recommend you gain some experience before attending the AW Conferences.

Connect with the Affiliate World

For the latest updates and information related to Affiliate World Conferences, you can connect with them through the following official channels.


In this article, we discussed what Affiliate World Dubai is all about, who should attend it, and how you can take part in it. I hope this information helped you get an overview of the event and decide if you wish to participate in it.

Anyway, have you ever been to an affiliate conference before? How was your experience and would you like to join any future events? Do share your views in the comments below. If you’re planning to attend AW Dubai, you can use my link to get a 15% discount on your event passes.

For more updates on the upcoming events, you can subscribe to my blog. This is Kripesh, taking your leave. I’ll see you at AW Dubai. Till then, keep learning and take care. Cheers! 🙂


1) When is the Affiliate World Dubai 2024 happening?

AWC Dubai is happening on the 28th and 29th of February at the Dubai World Trade Center.

2) What are the charges for the Affiliate World Dubai passes?

Currently, the Affiliate pass for AW Dubai costs $1239 (approx ₹1.02 lakh) and the Company pass costs $1949 (approx ₹1.61 lakh).
The prices keep on increasing every few days. So, if you’re planning to attend the AW Dubai event, grab your passes as early as possible for the maximum discounts.

3) What is the refund policy for cancellations?

Sadly, they do not offer refunds. But if you’re unable to attend the event, you can transfer your event passes to someone else up to 48 hours before the event.

4) Is free food provided during the event?

Unfortunately, food is not offered for free during the Affiliate World Conference. You only get water and filtered coffee for free.

5) Are walk-in entries allowed?

No, AW Dubai does not allow walk-in entries. You need to purchase a pass to the event beforehand.

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