Vzy Review (2024) – Read Before You Buy

Bloggers and small business owners usually spend weeks on designing the perfect website. But do you know that building a professional website comes with its own share of complexities?

You either need technical expertise and coding skills to code everything on your own. Or you need enough money and resources to hire a developer! But what if you could design a stunning website within minutes with no tech skills or resources? 

Well, Vzy Website Builder makes it possible with the power of AI. 

In this article, we are doing the Vzy Review. We’ll begin by understanding the history of Vzy website builder. Then, we’ll discuss its user interface, speed, important features, pricing, support, and more. Finally, we’ll look at its pros, cons, and discuss suitable alternatives to it.

So, with no further ado, let’s dive right into our review.

Vzy Review

Kripesh Adwani

Ease Of Use


Vzy is an affordable AI website builder that comes with a modern UI, free CDN and hosting, in-built CRM, and offers swift speeds. It generates quick websites comprising relevant content. 
However, it offers limited customization and lacks a range of features like templates, integrations, blogging and eCommerce functionality, and AI tools. Small business owners and solopreneurs can check out its lifetime deal.


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About Vzy

Vzy is an AI-powered website builder founded by Evans Akanno in 2021. This easy-to-use platform helps you build beautiful and professional websites with the snap of your fingers!

Vzy homepage
Vzy homepage

As of now, Vzy is used by over 5000+ creators and 14.6k+ websites have been created with Vzy. Solopreneurs, content creators, bloggers, and small businesses would find it a really impressive tool to quickly create websites.

Vzy User Interface

The user interface of Vzy is pretty clean, modern, and minimalistic. The top section allows you to access the dashboard, templates, and your account. It also features a dark mode option you can enable to reduce eye strain!

Vzy user interface
Vzy user interface

The main screen features a list of your websites created with Vzy. You can create a new site from a blank template or using its AI website builder. I personally liked the simple and friendly AI website builder that it features. Beginners won’t have any problem in working with Vzy.

Vzy Pricing

Vzy is available on regular pricing and on an AppSumo lifetime deal. Let’s look at its different pricing plans below.

AppSumo Deal

Vzy is currently available as a lifetime deal on AppSumo for $49. With this plan, you get to create 1 basic website. You also get access to 100 pages, 1,000 contacts, and 1 GB storage per site.

Following is a table representing all the different tiers available on AppSumo.

Licence Tier 1Licence Tier 2Licence Tier 3Licence Tier 4
Lifetime Pricing$59$149$289$399
Storage1 GB1 GB10 GB10 GB
Additional FeaturesN.A. N.A.Custom CodeExport CodeCustom CodeExport Code

Regular Pricing

On the official website of Vzy, you’ll find 3 plans – Free, Basic, and Pro. The following table depicts a comparison of their major features.

Free Basic Pro 
DomainVzy domainCustom domainCustom domain
StorageN.A.1 GB10 GB
Vzy BrandingYesNoNo
SEO SupportNoYesYes
Additional FeaturesN.A. N.A. Unlimited Uploads
Custom Code
Export Site

The regular pricing plans of Vzy are a little expensive. So, if you want to test out Vzy, you can begin with its free plan. It’ll give you free web hosting and a subdomain under Vzy.com You will be able to create 1 website with 3 pages and 100 contacts. This is enough to test out all the features of Vzy.

How to Create Your Website with Vzy?

Do you want to create a clean and professional-looking website with Vzy? Well, here’s a short tutorial for beginners.

Step 1: Create a New Site

After signing in to your Vzy account, you’ll be presented with 2 options on your dashboard. 

Creating a new website on Vzy
Creating a new website on Vzy

You can either create a new site from scratch or use their AI to design for you. Here, we will click on the “Create with AI” option.

Step 2: Add Details and Create Site

Next, you will be asked to enter your brand name, business category, and describe your website in a few sentences. 

Vzy business description
Vzy business description

For instance, I tried to create a website for my handmade jewellery brand, “Embellix”, within the “Fashion” category. Then, you’ll be asked to choose a theme. Finally, your website will be created in under 2 minutes.

Step 3: Customize your Website

Once the site is created, you can customize it according to your needs. 

Vzy website customization
Vzy website customization

You can add new pages, sections, images, text content, etc. It also lets you edit section styles, fonts, colors, button shapes, and more.

This is how you can quickly create the website of your dreams with Vzy website builder.

Vzy Speed Tests

Even though speed is not considered a major factor for evaluating website builders, slow site speeds do impact SEO. Thus, to ensure my website designed with Vzy AI loads swiftly, I conducted multiple speed tests on it.

I used GTMetrix and KeyCDN for conducting the speed tests and used the USA and India locations. The following table shows the speed test results.

GTMetrix1.70 sec 3.0 sec
KeyCDN1.96 sec3.51 sec

As you can see, our Vzy website displayed faster load times on the US-based locations. 

Vzy Speed test KeyCDN (US)
Vzy Speed test KeyCDN (US)

Whereas, we got to experience slower speeds in the Indian regions. This may be because their primary servers are in the US. They use Cloudflare CDN to serve website content around the globe.

You may get to experience slightly slower speeds in the Indian regions. But overall, they’re not bad for an AI website builder.

Vzy Review: Editor Features

The Vzy Editor is a simple and neat editing interface. It features all the options and settings on the left panel. It’s not a drag-and-drop editor, so you’ll have to click and integrate any feature you want on your website.

Once your website is designed with Vzy AI, you can customize your website with the range of options available in the Vzy editor. Let’s explore them one by one below.

1) Pages

With the $59 AppSumo plan, you get to create upto 100 pages under a single website. Each page can be built into a full-fledged page using sections, images, videos, etc. 

Vzy Pages
Vzy Pages

However, they don’t let you generate content and images with AI on additional pages except for the homepage.

2) Sections

You can build your web pages using the following sections – Text, Hero section, Card, List, Reviews, Pricing, and Accordion. These sections are enough to build a simple and functional website.

Vzy Sections
Vzy Sections

You can also experiment with different styles and placements for these sections and edit the font size, alignment, dimensions, spacing, etc. However, the customization freedom is pretty low. You cannot insert any additional elements like images, buttons, videos, etc, within sections. 

Vzy customization
Vzy customization

You can only edit the section templates in terms of design, style, and content. Thus, websites built via Vzy might end up looking similar.

3) Design

Under the Design section, you get 30 pre-designed theme options. These are combinations of colors, fonts, and button shapes that go well together. It features an extensive list of over 1000 fonts to choose from!

Vzy Design
Vzy Design

For any theme that you like, you can customize the colors, title and body fonts, and button shapes as per your requirements. These settings are applied globally to the entire web page.

4) Contacts

Vzy website builder features pre-designed forms available under sections. You can add them to your website and specify the fields you wish to include. The in-built CRM functionality of Vzy captures the information whenever a user submits an email form.

Vzy Contacts
Vzy Contacts

The user’s details are saved as contacts on your editor. You can easily contact them via phone call, email, or text as per the entered details.

5) Analytics

Vzy allows you to view daily, weekly, or monthly analytics about your website. 

Vzy analytics
Vzy analytics

This includes basic data like number of visitors, views, page views, and visitors by sources, countries, and devices.

6) Settings

Under Settings, you can specify some basic SEO settings. 

Vzy settings
Vzy settings

Along with that, you can also connect a custom domain with Vzy by adding A records to your domain registrar. It even also allows you to transfer your website with ease.

Vzy Templates

Vzy templates
\Vzy templates

If you don’t want to use their AI website builder, Vzy offers 5 templates for designing your website. These are extremely limited. I hope they introduce more site templates soon.

Vzy SEO Features

Vzy automatically optimizes your website for basic SEO at the time of site creation. By default, it inserts a relevant SEO title and description for your website. You can upload a custom favicon and even hide your website from search results if you want.

Vzy SEO features
Vzy SEO features

I found these SEO features to be quite limited. It would’ve been much better if users could specify keywords and they could be integrated into the website copy.

Vzy Integrations

Usually, website builders offer integrations with payment gateways, email marketing platforms, CRMs, analytics service, image libraries, chat services, etc. Unfortunately, you won’t find any third-party integrations on Vzy at the moment. They are working on developing them soon!

Vzy Upcoming Features

If you wish to know more about Vzy’s future plans, you can check out their Updates page. In the last few months, they have introduced features like testimonials, YouTube video embeds, shuffle layouts, themes, Vzy AI, etc.

Vzy updates
Vzy updates

They also have some exciting features in development like Vzy AI Assistant, eCommerce tools, Blog and CMS tools, Email and SMS, Forms, Affiliates, etc. Though I’m quite excited about their upcoming features, I didn’t like the way they’ve structured their features page.

If they’re keen to develop and polish their product, they should’ve built a strong roadmap of features with strict timelines. With no deadlines in place, users won’t know when to expect a certain feature! This can create problems in the future.

Vzy Support

Vzy offers customer support via email tickets. It doesn’t have a knowledge base of articles or a live chat support. The email contact form can be accessed through their website homepage.

Vzy customer support
Vzy customer support

I found their email support to be knowledgeable. I received informative replies to my queries in under a few hours.

Vzy Pros

1) Modern Interface

The user interface of Vzy is clean and organized with a modern design. It is easy to use and newbies won’t have any problem navigating it.

2) Affordable Lifetime Deal

The AppSumo Lifetime Deal of Vzy website builder is priced at $59, which is pocket friendly. Even beginner freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners can also afford it easily.

3) Quick Website Generation

With Vzy, you simply need to describe your website and it will generate it for you within 2 minutes. Thus, Vzy AI works really fast and generates beautiful sites.

4) Relevant Website Copy

Vzy integrates with OpenAI to generate highly relevant website copy. I found the content to be very engaging and accurate as per the website description provided in the input.

5) Built in CRM

In order to capture the contact details of users, Vzy features pre-designed forms with CRM functions. So, once the user submits a form, they are added as a contact and you can connect with them via text, call, or email.

6) Free CDN and Hosting

Vzy provides free Cloudflare CDN and AWS hosting on all its plans. Thus, you get better speeds and performance with this website builder.

Vzy Cons

1) Irrelevant Images

According to my experience, the AI images generated by Vzy for my website didn’t align with my business description at all. Thus, it needs significant improvements as of now.

2) Limited Customization and Templates

Vzy doesn’t allow you to insert additional elements into the pre-made sections. You can make limited and simple customizations on your website. Along with that, it only features 5 site templates, which is not enough to create a unique website.

3) No Integrations

As of now, it doesn’t offer integrations with third party services for analytics, email marketing, live chat, free images, etc.

4) No AI Tools

It also doesn’t offer an AI Writer or AI Art Generator to design additional pages of your website. You need to manually design them via the limited available sections.

Who Should Use Vzy?

Vzy comes with decent features to create simple websites with limited customisations. You can create landing pages, portfolio sites, business sites, and other simple websites with it.

So, if you need quick websites with no complex features and functionalities, you can check out Vzy. In my opinion, it would be best suited for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. Bloggers and online store owners might not find sufficient features on it at the moment.

Vzy Alternatives

1) Hostinger AI Website Builder Vs Vzy

Hostinger AI website builder is a popular and very affordable website builder for designing a wide range of websites. Similar to Vzy, it offers swift AI website generation along with faster speeds and an intuitive UI.

However, unlike Vyz, it offers greater customization freedom and also supports blogging and eCommerce functionality. It even features several AI tools like AI Writer, AI Logo Maker, or AI Heatmap Generator. 

Overall, Hostinger AI Website Builder is great for designing simple sites, blogs, portfolio sites, business sites, online stores, and more. The pricing plans of Hostinger AI Website Builder start from an affordable price of ₹149/month.

2) Wix Website Builder Vs Vzy

Wix is one of the most popular website builders in the market. Unlike Vzy, it features an extensive collection of 800+ templates spanning a range of categories. You can also find lots of helpful tools for setting up a blog and an eCommerce store, which are not available on Vzy.

Overall, Wix is a great choice for building all kinds of websites, from portfolios to blogs to eCommerce stores. Its pricing plans start from a super cheap price of ₹80/month where you can connect your custom domains and enjoy 1 GB bandwidth and 500 MB storage space.

3) 10Web AI Website Builder Vs Vzy

10Web is another AI powered website builder that’s intuitive and fast. It helps you create a captivating website within minutes. Unlike Vzy, it supports the drag-and-drop editor and also features powerful blogging and optimization tools with its WordPress integration.

Where Vzy offers limited customization, 10Web generates highly creative and relevant website copy and allows you to customize your website as per your needs. This platform is best for all kinds of websites except online stores, as it lacks eCommerce features.

The paid plans of 10Web start from $10/month, where you get a free hosting along with image optimization and collaboration features.

Testing Parameters

In order to test the Vzy Website Builder, I purchased its AppSumo Deal for $59 and used the default Vzy subdomain with it. Then, I explored all of its features, including its editor, user interface, support, etc.

I also conducted speed tests from different locations to review its performance. After testing it out for a few weeks, I wrote this review.

Why Should You Trust Me?

I’ve been working full-time in the digital industry since 2015. In the last 8 years, I’ve created dozens of websites for my business, personal use, and clients. For this, I have used a range of paid and free website builders

Wix, Squarespace, Carrd, Swipe Pages, and Hostinger Website Builder are some popular names. Detailed reviews of all these website builders are available on my blog and YouTube channel. You can also check out the curated list of Best AI Website Builders for 2024.

Using a range of website builders over the last few years has given me the knowledge, experience, and expertise to compare and suggest you the best one for your requirements.


In this article, we discussed the Vzy Website Builder in detail. I hope you found this article insightful. I’ll be happy if this information helps you decide if Vzy is the right AI website builder for your needs.

Vzy is an AI-powered website builder that helps you design complete websites with no design expertise or technical skills. It features a modern UI, free CDN and hosting, in-built CRM, and offers swift speeds. It also generates quick websites comprising relevant content. 

However, Vzy offers limited customization and lacks a range of features like templates, integrations, blogging and eCommerce functionality, and AI tools. Overall, if you’re a small business owner, solopreneur, or freelancer, you can check out the lifetime deal of Vzy. 

Anyway, have you used any AI website builder for building your website? Let me know your experience with it in the comments section below. This is Kripesh signing off! Cheers and keep learning. 🙂


1) Is Vzy available on AppSumo?

Yes, Vzy website builder is available as a lifetime deal on AppSumo for $59. With this plan, you get 1 website and 1 GB storage space. Along with that, it also lets you create 100 pages and save 1000 contacts.

2) Which are the primary technologies used for building Vzy?

The primary technologies used for building Vzy are: Open AI for text generation, AWS hosting, and Cloudflare CDN support.

3) Who is Vzy website builder best for?

Vzy website builder is best for bloggers, solopreneurs, small businesses, and freelancers who want to design quick websites on the go!

Vzy Pros (+)

  • Modern Interface
  • Lifetime Deal
  • Quick Website Generation
  • Relevant Website Copy
  • Built in CRM
  • Free CDN and Hosting

 Vzy Cons (-)

  • Irrelevant Images
  • Limited Customization and Templates
  • No Integrations
  • No AI Tools
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