10Web Review (June 2024) – Is This The New AI Hosting? (We Tested it!)

A reliable hosting solution is crucial to a successful online business. What if you could not only access top-tier hosting but also benefit from an AI website builder and tools to optimize website speed?

Introducing 10Web, an AI-powered managed WordPress hosting known for its versatility and rich features. After testing and using this hosting for over 6 months, I’m finally here with a detailed review. 

In this 10Web Hosting Review, we will start by examining its user interface and the performance evaluations it has undergone, including speed, uptime, and load tests. Next, we’ll explore its array of features, such as data centers, backups, security, support, pricing, and more. 

Finally, we’ll outline the main advantages and disadvantages of 10Web, as well as suggest suitable alternatives to it. So, are you excited to discover how 10Web hosting can elevate your website creation and management experience? Let’s dive in to find out!

10Web Review

Kripesh Adwani

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10Web is an efficient and feature-rich managed hosting powered by Google Cloud. It offers swift speeds, excellent performance, advanced backups, and a powerful AI website builder.

However, its pricing is on the expensive side. It also has a learning curve, hosts a single site, and has many missing features. If you need high-quality performance or a WordPress-compatible AI website builder, you can consider 10Web hosting. 


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About 10Web Hosting

10Web is an AI-powered platform for building your websites, hosting them, and optimizing them for search engines. Founded by Arto Minasyan in 2017, 10Web has hosted over a million websites and proudly holds a 4.6 rating from Trustpilot.

10Web homepage

What sets 10Web apart from other hosting solutions is its inclusion of AI tools. Besides the AI website builder and AI assistant, you also get additional free AI tools like the AI business name generator, AI marketing strategy generator, AI SEO tool, etc.

The primary aim of 10Web is to empower the creativity and growth of businesses by automating manual tasks that take up a lot of time.

10Web Review Overview

⭐ Rating 4.1
💲 Price Starts From $10/mo
⚡ Speed 1.05 sec
🕒 Uptime 100%
🔗 Free Domain ❌ No
🌎 Data Centers Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia
➡️ Migrations No
👨‍💻 Support Live Chat, Email
🛡️ Security Free SSL, Malware Protection, DDoS Protection, 2FA
🔄 Backups 10
💰 Money back guarantee N.A.
🔥 Coupon Code "KRIPESH" - get 10% extra OFF

10Web User Interface

The user interface of 10Web looks pretty modern with catchy colors. 10Web’s user interface is starkly different from other hosting providers. You usually find the cPanel or DirectAdmin panel on most hosting.

As you log in to the dashboard, you’ll be able to access your active website along with options to create, migrate, and optimize a website.

The top section lets you switch to the AI assistant dashboard, invite users, and access the knowledge base, notifications, and other settings. The bottom right corner features a live chat icon where you can get all your queries resolved.

10Web dashboard

To access your website settings, you can click on the ‘Manage’ button right next to your active website. The main screen features usage summary, page speed score, backups, plugin and theme updates, etc.

If you need to tweak any other settings, they are neatly arranged in the left column. Overall, the user interface is modern, clean, and organized.

However, it’s not as feature-rich and easy to use as cPanel. The control panel is a little slow as well. The excessive features also may make it slightly overwhelming for beginners.

Testing Parameters

For testing 10Web hosting, I’ve purchased its AI Starter Business plan for $10/month on an annual subscription. On this website, I’ve implemented the following settings.

10Web test website

  • Ocean WP Theme (Elementor based)
  • 10Web Booster plugin (default settings)
  • Indian servers

10Web Speeds

Speeds are an essential component of a good hosting service. To evaluate the speed of 10Web, I tested it from Asia and US locations using the KeyCDN tool.

10Web Speeds - Asia

When I ran the speed test from Asia, I noticed my web page loaded in merely 1.05 seconds, which is excellent! The reason for such swift speeds may be the fact that I’ve selected the Indian servers on my hosting plan.

10Web Speeds - US

Next, when I switched the location to the US and again ran the speed tests, my page loaded in 2.23 seconds. This is again pretty good. 10Web uses Google Cloud servers on its platform. Therefore, you’ll see that it offers swift speeds in both Asian and US regions.

10Web Uptime

I have been using the AI Starter plan of 10Web for the last 246 days using the Better Uptime tool. This tool monitors and updates the uptime of my website every 30 seconds.

10Web Uptime Status Report

The following table presents the uptime status report of the 10Web AI Starter plan (Indian servers) for the last 246 days. 

June 2024 100%
May 2024100%
April 2024100%
March 2024100%
February 2024100%
January 2023100%
December 2023100%
November 2023100%
October 2023100%
September 2023100%
August 2023100%

Surprisingly, 10Web has shown a solid 100% uptime in the last 246 days and the last 30 days as well. There have been no incidents of downtime so far.

Note : I have an active plan of 10Web AI Starter plan (Indian servers). Every month, the uptime will be updated.

I was honestly impressed with the uptime performance of 10Web. If your priority is a good uptime, 10Web is a great option to consider. You can also look at A2 Hosting, Rocket.net, and Cloudways for unbeatable uptime performance!

10Web Load Test

For evaluating the load handling capacities of 10Web, I sent 100 virtual users over to my 10Web website for around 5 minutes. The virtual users made a total of 17.4k requests, out of which merely 3 requests failed.

10Web Load test

The peak requests reached 98 req/sec and the P95 response time was 29 ms. (This means that 95% of the requests were executed within 29 ms.) The response time graph was pretty spiky for the entire duration, but there were no major spikes that caused any trouble.

In my opinion, a response time under 30 ms is really appreciable. Overall, 10Web handled the load really well. If you have a medium to high-traffic website or an eCommerce store, you can rest assured that 10Web will manage the load.

10Web Cache

10Web implements a caching system called 10Web Cache. It’s designed specifically for WordPress websites. It uses Nginx FastCGI Caching, which helps enhance the overall performance of your web applications and improves response times.

10Web Cache

You can activate it from the 10Web dashboard or the WordPress admin panel. It also lets you specify URLs you don’t want to cache.

Using a separate cache plugin may conflict with 10Web Cache, which is why they don’t recommend using any third-party plugins. For more information, you can look at the list of plugins not recommended by 10Web.

10Web Data Centers

The data centers of 10Web span 4 continents, namely Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America. The following table lists all the 12 data centers of 10Web across the globe.

EuropeBelgium, Germany, England, and Netherlands 
AsiaTaiwan, India
North AmericaSouth Carolina, Oregon, Northern Virginia, Iowa, and California

10Web Domains

10Web does not offer any free domains with its hosting plans. It also does not function as a domain registrar. So you cannot purchase domain names from this platform.

However, they offer a free subdomain under 10web.site or 10web.me to set up your website. Alternatively, you can purchase a custom domain from a different registrar and connect it with 10Web.

10Web Backup and Restoration

Talking about backups, 10Web performs automatic backups daily and before important actions. These backups are stored off-site on the secure Amazon S3 cloud storage service. By default, they keep 10 restore points of your data with a 20 GB limit.

10Web Backups and Restoration

It also allows you to create manual backups by simply hitting the ‘Backup Now’ button! Restoring your website is a breeze! 10Web also offers selective restoration. So you can specify if you wish to restore your entire website, only files, or only the database.

10Web Backup Scheduling

Finally, it also offers additional backup settings. You can schedule your backups monthly, weekly, daily, or every 12, 6, or 1 hour and set the number of available backups from a range between 10 to 1000.

Overall, I loved the advanced backup and restoration options available on 10Web.

10Web Security

Talking about security, 10Web offers a lot of features to protect your website. Let’s look at the most important ones below.

10Web security features

  • 2FA: Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security while logging in to your account. You can enable Google 2FA on 10Web.
  • SSL Certificate: 10Web offers free Let’sEncrypt SSL certificates to secure your website.
  • Regular Website Checkup: 10Web performs regular checkups of each website hosted on it. It identifies and blocks any suspicious bots.
  • Login Attempts Limiter: This feature restricts unauthorized login attempts and thus prevents brute force attacks.
  • Malware Removal Program: Every website hosted on 10Web undergoes regular monitoring. In case a website is hacked, its systems immediately run a malware removal process to clean up your site.

Overall, 10Web offers some decent security features. If your priority is website security, you can check out Hostinger or ChemiCloud.

10Web Customer Support

10Web offers customer support via email tickets, live chat, and knowledge base. Their chat support is quite good. Most of your queries can be easily resolved by chatting with their support bot.

However, if you need technical support, their support team offers prompt replies.

10Web live chat support

10Web features a knowledge base of well-formatted and informative articles around important categories like AI Builder, Account and Payments, Troubleshooting, Plugins, etc. They also have a few beginner-friendly video tutorials to explain the basics of their platform.

Overall, the customer support of 10Web is decent. However, they can surely work on improving on the technical aspects.

10Web Pricing

10Web offers multiple pricing packages, including the Business package, eCommerce package, and Agency package. On the Business and eCommerce packages, you can only host 1 website. However, you can host 2 or more websites on the Agency package.

The following table depicts the pricing plans under the Business Package and compares their key features.

AI StarterAI PremiumAI Ultimate
Annual Pricing$10/mo$15/mo$23/mo
Renewal Pricing$10/mo$15/mo$23/mo
Elementor AI Assistant5k50kUnlimited
Monthly Visitors10k50k200k
SSD Storage10 GB15 GB20 GB
Multisite SupportNoNoYes
Cloudflare Enterprise CDN$4/mo$10/moFree
10x Faster Load TimesNoNoYes
Customer Support24/7 support24/7 supportVIP Support

If you opt for the annual plans, you can save up to 50% on your purchase. I have personally used the AI Starter plan for this review. 

Best Plan

I would recommend you opt for the AI Premium plan of 10Web. Its annual subscription costs $15/month and offers 50k monthly visitors. This is enough for most website owners, including small businesses, freelancers, bloggers, etc.

Payment Methods

10Web supports payment made through the following methods: International Credit cards and PayPal. I hope they also introduce UPI Payments to make the payment process more convenient for Indians.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, 10Web does not offer any refunds on their plans. You can get a 7-day free trial of their services requiring no card details.

10Web Coupon Code

If you’re looking to avail of additional discounts on your hosting purchase, I have a surprise for you! 

10Web Coupon Code

All you have to do is visit the official 10Web website using our link and use the coupon code KRIPESH at checkout. This will give you a 10% off on your purchased plan. Enjoy!

10Web Staging

Website staging facility helps you test out changes in a local environment without disturbing your live website. 10Web offers an effortless staging facility. You can create a staging website with a single click.

10Web website staging

Then you can head over to its WordPress admin panel to test out your theme, plugin, or custom code on the website. Once you’re satisfied with your changes, you can push them to the live site with one click.

Overall, I love the staging facility offered by 10Web. It’s extremely easy to use for all kinds of website owners, from newbies to experts.

10Web Email Hosting

Unfortunately, 10Web doesn’t offer email hosting services with its plans. They prefer to invest their resources into making 10Web the best and most affordable platform for their users.

However, if you wish to use an email hosting service, they recommend using Zoho for small companies and Google Workspace for large businesses.

10Web Other Features


10Web does not offer any free migrations. If you want to migrate your site to 10Web, you can use the 10Web Manager plugin. It may take up to one hour to migrate your site.

But once it’s done, you simply need to direct the DNS records to 10Web to start using your hosting. Their support team won’t help you with the migration process.

Inode Count

The inode count limit for each website hosted on 10Web is over 568 million. This is the maximum number of files you can have on your account. If these inodes are used up, you can either upgrade your plan or clear some files from your website. 


If you wish to improve the speed and performance of your website, a Content Delivery Network can be a viable solution. 

10Web Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

10Web has partnered with Cloudflare, so you can activate the Cloudflare Enterprise plan for $4/month. Unfortunately, you won’t find any CDN service with 10Web.

Automatic Image Optimization

10Web Automatic Image Optimization

10Web offers an automatic image optimization facility with your plan. As you keep on adding new images to your website, they are automatically optimized. Upon enabling this option, you can reduce your image size by 40% without compromising on the image quality.

Team Collaboration

If you have a team of people managing your hosting or want to give access to your clients, 10Web has a team collaboration option. 

10Web team collaboration

On the Starter plan, you can add up to 10 email addresses to your 10Web account. It also lets you assign a role to each member. You can mark them as Admin, Contributor, or Member. This makes team collaboration a lot more easy and efficient!

Website Optimization

10Web Booster Pro

10Web offers its in-built automatic optimization system called 10Web Booster Pro. It automatically optimizes the entire frontend and backend of your website, performs image optimization, etc to achieve a 90+ page speed score on all paid plans.

10Web AI Website Builder

One of the most striking features of 10Web is its AI Website Builder. It is compatible with WordPress and helps you build Elementor-based websites. To get started with 10Web, you need to install the 10Web Builder theme. 

Next, you can specify the type of website you wish to create. 10Web allows you to create informative websites on all the plans. But if you wish to create an online store, you’ll need to upgrade to the eCommerce or Agency plans.

10Web AI Website Builder prompt

Then, you can choose a business category, website theme, and structure, and specify your website requirements as a prompt. Your entire website with proper content, images, and pages will be generated within seconds.

For instance, here’s an organic skincare and facecare website I generated with 10Web for the category “Makeup and Cosmetics”. 

Website built with 10Web AI Website Builder

Once the AI website is generated, you can edit the pages using Elementor. You’ll find the Write with AI feature, where you get predefined prompts like Simplify language, make the content shorter/longer, fix spelling and grammar, etc to edit your content. 

10Web AI website customization

I loved the speed and intuitiveness of the 10Web AI website builder. It also generates highly creative and relevant website copy and features powerful options for blogging and content optimization. Overall, you can create a captivating and professional website with 10Web AI Website Builder.

You can design personal blogs, business websites, portfolios, etc with this website builder. The AI Starter plan offers 5k AI words per month. Whereas, on the Premium plan, you’ll get 50k AI words every month.

If you’re a blogger, freelancer, web designer, or small business owner, you’ll absolutely love the 10Web AI website builder.

10Web Pros

1) Excellent AI Website Builder

The AI website builder of 10Web is extraordinary! It develops stunning websites with relevant content and images within seconds. If you’re short on time but need to launch your site quickly, this tool can come in handy!

2) Exceptional Uptime

You’ll find an unmatched 100% uptime on 10Web hosting. In the last 5 months of my testing, there have been no incidents of downtime so far. 

3) Good Load Management

10Web can handle large amounts of load with very little spikes in the response time. In my testing, the response time was under 30 ms, which is impressive! So, if you have a medium to high-traffic site, you can consider 10Web.

4) Good Indian Speeds

Because 10Web uses the Google Cloud infrastructure, you’ll experience swift speeds across all locations. But as my servers were Indian, I noticed better speeds in the Asian regions.

5) Multiple Data Centers

They have 12 data centers spanning 4 continents across the globe. This ensures faster website loading speeds on all locations. 

6) Advanced Backups

10Web supports automated daily backups and on-demand backups on a secure Amazon S3 cloud storage. The website data is retained for up to 10 checkpoints. It also supports selective restoration.

10Web Cons

1) Slight Learning Curve

10Web is not the easiest hosting. The user interface looks cluttered and complex with lots of features packed into it. For using their website builder, you’ll also need to learn how to operate WordPress.

2) Expensive Pricing

The pricing plans of 10Web are slightly expensive, starting from $10/month. Thus, it may not be the right choice for all kinds of users.

3) Can Host Single Site

Even though 10Web is charging a hefty amount, you only get a single website on the initial plans. If you need to manage multiple websites, you’ll need to opt for the AI Ultimate plan that comes for $23/month.

4) Support can be Improved

The live chat support offered by 10Web was decent. It answered my queries correctly. However, the speed and quality of technical assistance can be improved.

5) Missing Features

10Web lacks a lot of essential hosting features like free domain, email hosting, free CDN, free migrations, etc. 

6) Sluggish Control Panel

The control panel offered by 10Web feels a little slow and sluggish at times. Some of the features take a lot of time to load. 

10Web Alternatives

Looking for a powerful hosting solution, but 10Web seems a little too expensive? Well, you can consider the following alternatives.

1) Rocket.net

Rocket.net is a managed hosting solution where you can experience terrific uptime, speeds, and load-handling capabilities.

Similar to 10Web, Rocket.net offers good backups and lacks email hosting. But unlike 10Web, it also offers unlimited migrations, free Cloudflare CDN, Litespeed servers, and a 30-day refund policy.

The pricing plans of Rocket.net start from an expensive price of $25/month on an annual subscription. If you want an additional discount, you can use my link and get your favorite plan at just $1 for the first month.

2) Cloudways

Cloudways is a popular managed host built upon unmanaged hosting, namely Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and AWS. Just like 10Web, Cloudways offers lightning-fast speeds, unmatched uptime, advanced backups, good security tools, lacks email hosting, and offers no refunds.

Unlike 10Web, you will find 65+ data center locations, an intuitive and user-friendly interface, and server recovery options on Cloudways.

The pricing plans of Cloudways start from $11/month for the Digital Ocean servers. For additional discounts, you can use my link to choose your plan and enter the coupon code KRIPESH at checkout. This will unlock 20% off on your favorite plan for the first 3 months.

10Web vs Rocket.net vs Cloudways

Factors 10WebRocket.netCloudways
⭐ Rating 4.1 4.5 4.3
💲 Price $10/mo$25/mo$11/mo
⚡ Speed 1.05 sec1.7 sec1.22 sec
🕒 Uptime 100%99.99%99.99%
🔗 Free Domain ❌ No❌ No❌ No
🌎 Data Centers Europe, Asia, North America, and AustraliaNorth America, Europe, Australia, Asia65+ data centers across America, Europe, Asia, and Australia
🔄 Backups 1014 days1 - 4 weeks
➡️ Migrations NoUnlimited1
💰 Money back guarantee N.A. 30 daysN.A.
🏆 Best For Small businesses, freelancers, non-technical WordPress bloggersProfessionals earning decent revenue from their websiteHigh Traffic Websites and eCommerce stores
🔍 Review 10Web ReviewRocket.net ReviewCloudways Review
🔥 Coupon Code "KRIPESH" - get 10% extra OFF1st month for $1 with my link"KRIPESH" - get 20% off for first 3 months

Why Should You Trust Me?

I’ve been working full-time in the digital industry since 2015. In these years, I’ve used & tested all popular hosting. Cloudways, Rocket.net, FastComet, etc, are some notable examples. Detailed reviews are available on my blog and YouTube.

For this review, I have been testing the AI Starter plan of 10Web for the last 5 months. I even have an active subscription to it.

Testing dozens of hosts in the past few years has given me the knowledge and expertise to compare them and recommend the best one for your requirements.


Even though 10Web is famous for its AI tools and website-building functionality, it also offers a powerful and feature-rich hosting solution.

You can enjoy swift speeds, excellent performance, advanced backups, and a powerful AI website builder with 10Web. However, it’s not for everyone as its pricing is on the expensive side. It also has a learning curve, hosts a single site, and has many missing features.

In my opinion, the AI Premium plan with 50k monthly traffic is ideal for small to medium businesses, bloggers, and freelancers.

If you need high-quality performance and the best speeds, you can go with 10Web. Or if you need an AI website builder that’s compatible with WordPress, 10Web is a great option!

I hope you found this 10Web Hosting Review helpful for identifying if this is the right hosting for you. Which hosting are you currently using? How does it compare with 10Web? Let me know in the comments section below.

This is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more such interesting reviews soon. Till then, take care and keep learning. Cheers! 🙂


10Web Pros (+)

  • Good Speeds
  • Exceptional Uptime
  • Load Management
  • Data Centers
  • Advanced Backups
  • Excellent AI Website Builder

 10Web Cons (-)

  • Learning Curve
  • Expensive Pricing
  • Only Single Site
  • Missing Features
  • Sluggish Control Panel
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