Top 18 ChatGPT Statistics (2024) And What It Means

ChatGPT Statistics

Do you know that ChatGPT currently has more than 100 million users with 1.8 billion visitors per month? You can imagine how unbelievably popular and gigantic ChatGPT has become in the present. In fact, ChatGPT is unceasingly rivalling Google in the conversational AI domain. Therefore, as an AI wizard, blogger, or digital marketer, you would …

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21 Latest Web Hosting Statistics (2024) – With Infographics

web hosting statistics 1

With the ever-increasing number of users on the Internet, the demand for web hosting is constantly on the rise. A reliable web hosting service is necessary to build a successful online business.  In this blog post, we are going to look at 21 Web Hosting Statistics for 2024. These will cover the trends, facts, and …

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