SiteCountry Review (January 2023) – Is It Any Good?

The secret to a successful website is a good hosting service. The right hosting service might be the game changer in your online journey. However, efficient and feature-rich hosting platforms are mostly expensive. What should you do if you have a tight budget?  

Well, SiteCountry looks like the way out! It gives you the benefits of some amazing features at extremely cheap prices so you can enjoy the best of both worlds! 

I have been using a variety of hosting services since the past few years. I have also tested and reviewed dozens of web hosting services on this blog, including Cloudways, FastComet, ChemiCloud, Hostinger,, and many more.

And today, it’s time for the most awaited review on this blog- SiteCountry Hosting Review. For this review, I have spent a lot of time on researching and testing not 1, not 2, but 3 SiteCountry hosting plans to bring you the most insightful review possible! 

In this SiteCountry Review, we are going to begin by talking about the history of this company along with its interface and overview. Then we will move on to conduct various performance tests like Server Response Time, Speed Test, Uptime Test, Load Test, and more. 

Finally, we will look at its customer support, pricing plans, software support, backups, data centers, CDN, and also discuss its major pros, cons, and if you should consider using it. 

So, with no more delay, let’s begin. 

SiteCountry Review 2023

Kripesh Adwani

Ease of Use
Customer Support


SiteCountry is a new web hosting company but the features they are providing according to the price point make it a really attractive hosting solution. People who are looking for budget friendly web hosting service or just want to test out a project can go for SiteCountry.


Disclaimer : I strongly believe in transparency. If you buy using the links on our site, we may earn a small commission without any extra cost to you. This helps me to keep producing honest reviews. Read More >>

About SiteCountry Hosting

SiteCountry is a new player in the hosting industry. It is an Indian hosting company founded by Mr. Aditya Shrivastava in November 2020. It aims to provide hosting service to everyone across the globe at affordable prices!


All the plans of SiteCountry use Cloud servers, which ensure faster speeds, better uptime, and improved performances.

According to my research, their team is not very experienced, and they have received no funding as yet. So, SiteCountry is a self-funded hosting company as of now. 

It would’ve made me thrilled if they were more transparent about their team on their About Us page. Anyway, now, let us dive deeper into its features. 

SiteCountry Hosting Overview

SpeedBangalore: Public Cloud (Sapling Plan): 1.15 secPremium Cloud (Turbo Plan): 1.51 secElite Cloud (Enterprise Plan): 935.73 ms
Uptime (past 105 days)Public Cloud (Sapling Plan): 99.88%Premium Cloud (Turbo Plan): 99.99%Elite Cloud (Enterprise Plan): 99.82%
Data CentersIndia, Singapore, USA, and Europe.
Backups and RestorationAutomatic backups through JetBackupRestore with one clickStored on off-site S3 storage
Customer SupportEmail Tickets, Live Chat, Knowledge base
FeaturesFree SSL Certificates, DirectAdmin Panel,  SitePad Site builder, CDN, LiteSpeed servers, WordPress Website Staging, 
Security 2FA, Hotlink Protection, SpamAssassin, ModSecurity, Security Questions, Imunify360, Malware Scanner
Hosting PlansCloud Hosting (Public Cloud, Premium Cloud, Elite Cloud, VIP Cloud, Reseller Cloud)
Payment MethodsPaypal, UPI, All Indian Cards, Net Banking, Paytm, AirTM Payments, Direct Bank Transfers, and Perfect Money.
Refund Policy14-day Refund Policy
PricingStarting from ₹49/month

SiteCountry Review Video

Got no time to read the entire review? No worries! Here’s a video review of SiteCountry in Hindi language. Hope you enjoy it! 

SiteCountry Testing Parameters 

They have lots of pricing plans mentioned on their website. I have purchased the following three plans.

On all the websites that I have set up on SiteCountry, I have used the following settings:

Website homepage

Gym Template (Elementor based)

LiteSpeed Cache Plugin (at default settings)

SiteCountry Server Response Time

When I checked the Server Response Time, I found it to be quite low in Asian regions like India (2 ms) and Singapore (55 ms). 

SiteCountry SRT

Whereas, it keeps on increasing when moving towards the US (244 ms) and Germany (186 ms).

The reason for this is that SiteCountry also has datacenters in India, which ensures lower server response time! 

SiteCountry User Interface 

The user interface of SiteCountry looks really modern, clean, and elegant in design. When you log in to your SiteCountry dashboard, you will find all the information neatly arranged in tabs. 

The left panel comprises all the settings you can check out including your services, domains, billing information, support, etc.  

SiteCountry UI

The middle panel displays a list of your services, status of your support tickets, affiliate program, and recent news. The right panel displays your personal information, support pin, and important shortcuts. 

Finally, you will find a helpful Live chat button on the bottom right corner to get all your queries resolved. 

Clicking on a particular service will launch the panel where you can manage your hosting settings. 

Sitecountry UI Services panel

Similar to other hosting services like ChemiCloud and A2 Hosting, SiteCountry also used to offer cPanel previously. But now that the pricing of cPanel is constantly on the rise, they have removed cPanel from their services and replaced it with the DirectAdmin Control Panel. 

It functions really well and comprises features similar to cPanel. Overall, the interface looks friendly and easy-to-use for beginners. However, you might find a few glitches here and there. 

For example, once my admin panel disappeared, leaving me helpless to access my hosting! Another time, the live chat support button was gone for an entire day and I had to contact support to get it resolved.  

SiteCountry Speed

Similar to A2 Hosting, ChemiCloud, StableHost, and, SiteCountry makes use of the LiteSpeed servers on all its plans. This translates to super fast speeds! 

Let’s ‌look at the results of the speed tests done on all my plans. 

Public Cloud (Sapling Plan) Speed Test

First, I performed a speed test on the Public Cloud – Sapling plan from the Bangalore location and the results came out to be 1.15 seconds. These load speeds are fantastic!

Premium Cloud (Turbo plan) Speed Test

Next, I tested the speeds of their Premium Cloud – Turbo plan, which offered page load speeds of 1.51 seconds. This could’ve been faster, but it’s still not that bad. 

Elite Cloud (Enterprise plan) Speed Test

Finally, I checked the speeds of their Elite Cloud – Enterprise plan and observed super fast speeds of 935.73 ms. This is the only SiteCountry plan that loaded under 1 second.  

Elite Cloud (Enterprise plan) Speed Test - New York

I also tested the Elite Cloud – Enterprise plan from the New York location but the results were very disappointing at 8.96 sec. This is because they don’t have a CDN activated by default.

Overall, the speeds in India are really good considering the price point they are being offered at. If you need lightning fast speeds, I’d recommend Cloudways, ChemiCloud, and FastComet hosting!

SiteCountry Uptime

I have been testing the uptime of my websites hosted on SiteCountry for the past 183 days. For this test, I used the BetterUptime tool that checks the uptime of my website every 30 seconds. 

These are the results. 

Public Cloud (Sapling Plan): 99.87%

  • December 2022 : 99.97%
  • November 2022 : 99.66%
  • October 2022 : 99.21%
  • September 2022 : 99.94%
  • August 2022 : 99.97%
  • July 2022 : 99.90%
  • June 2022 : 99.95%
  • May 2022 : 99.99%
  • April 2022 : 99.99%
  • March 2022 : 100%
  • February 2022 : 99.93%
  • January 2022. : 99.98%

Uptime has been 99.87% for the last 365 days, which is below par.

Premium Cloud (Turbo Plan): 99.92%

  • December 2022 : 100%
  • November 2022 : 100%
  • October 2022 : 99.99%
  • Septemer 2022 : 99.98%
  • August 2022 : 99.80%
  • July 2022 : 99.35%
  • June 2022 : 99.95%
  • May 2022 : 99.99%
  • April 2022 : 99.99%
  • March 2022 : 100%
  • February 2022 : 99.93%
  • January 2022 : 99.47%

Uptime for Premium Cloud has been 99.92% for the last 365 days, which is acceptable.

Elite Cloud (Enterprise Plan): 99.54%

  • December 2022: 99.99%
  • November 2022: 99.78%
  • October 2022 : 99.98%
  • Septemer 2022 : 99.99%
  • August 2022 : 75.51%
  • July 2022 : 72.84%
  • June 2022 : 99.88%
  • May 2022 : 99.99%
  • April 2022 : 99.99%
  • March 2022 : 100%
  • February 2022 : 99.98%
  • January 2022. : 99.95%

Uptime for Elite Cloud has been 99.54% for the last 365 days, which is particularly terrible.

The uptime for the Public Cloud plan is decent for the price point. The Premium Cloud plan offers an impressive uptime and the Elite Cloud plan disappoints. 

If you are looking for a hosting with unbeatable uptime, check out, Cloudways, and StableHost

SiteCountry Load Handling

For conducting the Load Test, I sent 50 virtual users over to my websites hosted on SiteCountry to see how they perform. 

Public Cloud (Sapling Plan)

The Public Cloud plan handled load really well. It made 9313 requests with peak requests reaching 49 requests/sec. It did not result in any request failures. 

The average response time was also very low at 14 ms. There was a single spike in the response time. Apart from that, this plan can handle load really well. 

Premium Cloud (Turbo Plan)

According to my test results, the performance of the Turbo plan was really poor. It only made 1799 requests with peak requests 6.67 requests/sec. The average response time stood at 7391 ms, which is very high. 

The response time kept on increasing with the increase in the number of virtual users. 

Elite Cloud (Enterprise Plan)

This plan performed immensely well, as expected. It made ‌9324 requests with the peak requests reaching 49.33 requests/sec. The average response time stood at a low 10 ms. There were no spikes seen in the response time either. 

Overall, the Public Cloud and Elite Cloud plans are really efficient at handling load, whereas the Premium Cloud plan performs terribly. 

SiteCountry Cache Management

Because they have used the LiteSpeed servers, you will find the LiteSpeed Cache plugin on all of their plans. This plugin ensures fast speeds and better performance for your website. 

SiteCountry Data Centers 

SiteCountry offers data centers in four different locations, including India, Singapore, USA, and Europe. Having a data center in India ensures lightning fast speeds for the Indian audiences, which is great!

SiteCountry Domain Name

SiteCountry also works as a domain registrar. So, if you need a domain name for your business, you can get it registered from your hosting account itself. Its pricing plans are quite affordable, and it supports hundreds of domain extensions.

Following are the yearly prices of popular domain extensions.

TLDsAnnual Pricing

They also offer free domain privacy along with their domain names. Additionally, if you have not decided on a domain name yet, you can also check out these domain name generators for some ideas! 

Free Domains

Free domains are available on all plans of the Premium Cloud and Elite Cloud. To get a free domain, you need to purchase one of these plans for at least 12 months or more

It lets you register domains with the following extensions: com, in, org, net, online, xyz, co, and  However, you can also check out ChemiCloud if you want a free for lifetime domain! 

Preview URL

SiteCountry doesn’t provide a temporary domain or preview URL along with the hosting plan. However, you can request their customer support team to create one for you. 

SiteCountry CDN

It provides the Quic.Cloud CDN, which comes by default with every website using the LiteSpeed servers. 

CDN limit on SiteCountry

And because they are using the LiteSpeed Enterprise servers, the free CDN you get with your plan could handle traffic of 10 GB per month.

SiteCountry Backups

You can take backups on SiteCountry through JetBackups Backup Service. It takes automated backups that are stored on an off-site server on S3 storage

SiteCountry Backups

The backup storage limit for different plans is‌: 

  • Public Cloud Plan: 5 days
  • Premium Cloud Plan: 7 days
  • Elite Cloud Plan: 7 days

SiteCountry Support 

The customer support of SiteCountry is quite fast and efficient. It offers support in the following ways: Email, Live Chat, and Knowledge Base. 

SiteCountry live Chat Support

In my experience, the Live Chat support and the Ticket support both were quite fast. Email tickets were resolved quickly. Talking about the live chat support, replies to my queries arrived in under 2 minutes and their support representatives were quite polite and helpful as well!

SiteCountry Inode Count 

Talking about the inode count, these are the limits offered on all my plans:

  • Public Cloud Plan: 3 lakh
  • Premium Cloud Plan: 30 lakh
  • Elite Cloud Plan: Unlimited

The Elite plan doesn’t impose any restrictions on the inode count, which is fantastic!

SiteCountry Pricing 

SiteCountry hosting offers a variety of cloud hosting plans. Let us compare the features of all the pricing plans.

Public Cloud Plans

Seed PlanSapling PlanTree Plan
SSD Storage10 GB25 GB50 GB
Email Accounts1310

Premium Cloud Plans

Lite PlanPro PlanTurbo Plan
SSD Storage50 GB75 GB100 GB

Elite Cloud Plans

Startup PlanBusiness PlanEnterprise Plan
SSD StorageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
CPU Cores348
Premium CDN Quota100 GB200 GB300 GB

The best part about SiteCountry hosting is that you won’t find a huge hike on their hosting plans purchased for longer durations.

For example, if I talk about the Premium Cloud (Turbo plan), it costs ₹699 when purchased monthly, and ₹667 when purchased annually. 

Special Offer

Special discount on SiteCountry

If you are interested in testing out this hosting, I have a special discount offer for you. If you purchase SiteCountry hosting using my link, you can find additional discounts on all of their plans by using my coupon code as shown over the plans. 

All you need to do is copy the coupon code and click on Activate Deal. The discounted prices will apply to your purchase. 

SiteCountry Best Plan

Well, if you are looking for a super cheap hosting, then you can check out the Sapling plan and Tree plan of the Public Cloud. Both of these plans are quite value for money. 

In their Premium Cloud plans, I had tested the Turbo plan, but it performed poorly in load testing, which is why I won’t recommend it. It might be possible that my server couldn’t handle the load. So, you can instead try out the Pro plan‌

In their Elite plans, I had opted for the Enterprise plan, which was very efficient. But the only problem was slightly lower uptime. I won’t personally recommend it, but if your website has a monthly traffic of 1-10 lakh or more and your budget is limited, then this plan can be a good option.

Payment Methods

SiteCountry supports a range of payment options. These include Paypal, UPI, All Indian cards, Net banking, Paytm, AirTM Payments, Direct Bank Transfers, and Perfect Money. 

I personally liked that they support Indian payment options. This makes it a great option for Indian users. While making the payment, you can also create a GST invoice, which is again beneficial for GST users. 

SiteCountry Refund Policy 

SiteCountry offers a refund policy of 14-days on all its hosting plans. This is quite limited as compared to other hosting providers like ChemiCloud or StableHost offering a 45 days refund policy. 

You can also check out Cloudways and A2 Hosting for a pro-rata based refund policy! 

SiteCountry Migrations

Talking about website migrations, they are different for every plan. Let’s take a deeper look at them. 

Migrations on Public Cloud Plans:

  • Seed Plan: 1 
  • Sapling Plan: 2 
  • Tree Plan: 3

 Migrations on Premium Cloud Plans:

  • Lite Plan: 10
  • Pro Plan: 20
  • Turbo Plan: 30

For the Elite Cloud plans, there is no such limit on migrations. So, you can get as many migrations done as possible. 

SiteCountry Site Builder 

Similar to ChemiCloud, HostArmada, GreenGeeks, and Bluehost hosting, you get the SitePad Website Builder with all the hosting plans of SiteCountry. It is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use builder with a drag-and-drop interface

SiteCountry site builder

It comprises 85+ elements along with lots of beautiful themes. I really enjoyed using this site builder. 

SiteCountry Softwares 

For more technically inclined users, SiteCountry also offers support for lots of software including PHP 8.0, Python, Perl, Node JS, and more. 

SiteCountry Security 

It comes equipped with many features to ensure your security. Let us look at the most important ones. 

SiteCountry Security Features
  •  SSL Certificate: You get free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates for securing your domains and sub-domains. 
  • 2FA: Two Factor Authentication adds a second step of verification where you receive OTP login codes on authenticator apps like Google Authenticator, Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, etc. 
  • Hotlink Protection: This security service prevents other users from directly linking to images or files on your website in order to steal your bandwidth.
  • SpamAssassin: It filters spam emails and keeps your inbox free of any unwanted emails. 
  • ModSecurity: This web application firewall actively blocks unauthorised login attempts and is optimized for CMS like WordPress, Magento, etc.
  • Security Questions: As an additional authentication step while logging in, you can also set up security questions to prevent any third party access.
  • Imunify360 Security Suite: Imunify260 is a malware scanner and firewall that keeps your servers protected from Brute Force Attacks, DDoS attacks, etc. 

SiteCountry Pros

Affordable Pricing

The pricing plans of SiteCountry are quite affordable starting from pocket friendly rates of ₹49/month. Their hosting plans provide sufficient features for the money charged. 

Quick Support

Their live chat and email ticket support is quite fast and their support team is knowledgeable and helpful too. 

Indian Data Centers

SiteCountry has data centers in India, which guarantee swift speeds all across the Indian subcontinent. 

Plenty of Free Migrations

The number of migrations keep on increasing as you switch to their higher plans. The migrations start from 1 on their Public Cloud (Seed plan), and go up to unlimited migrations on their Elite Cloud (Enterprise plan).

UPI Payments Option

SiteCountry is one of the few hosting providers that offers Indian payment options, including UPI Payments. This makes it quite convenient for Indian users to purchase this hosting. 

GST Invoice

If you are a registered business in India, SiteCountry also offers GST invoices which reduce the taxes imposed on the hosting plan. 

High Inode Count

The inode count varies according to the hosting plan purchased. It starts from 3 lakh on the Public Cloud plans and goes as high as unlimited inodes on the Elite Cloud plans.

Efficient Load Handling

In my experience, the load handling capacities of the Public Cloud and the Elite Cloud are quite good. Whereas the Premium Cloud plan disappoints in this case.

SiteCountry Cons 

New Company

SiteCountry is a new player in the web hosting world right now. With little information about its team, this company cannot be fully trusted‌. 

Many Plans

SiteCountry features three plans under every Cloud hosting category, which is quite difficult to understand for beginners and experienced users. They can work on simplifying their plans. 

Backup Limit can be Extended

They only store your backups for 5 days on the Public Cloud plans and for 7 days on the Premium Cloud plans. This is quite limited where other web hosts offer upto 15 days of backup limit. 

Refund Policy can be Extended

Unlike other hosting service providers, SiteCountry only offers a 14 days refund policy which is quite a limited duration to test out all the features. They can definitely improve on this part. 

Should You Use SiteCountry Hosting?

Unlike reliable hosting services like ChemiCloud, Hostinger, FastComet, etc, SiteCountry is a new company as of now. We have little information about their team and they have not mentioned the details transparently on their website. Thus, it wouldn’t be wise to trust them at the moment. 

It has swift customer service and super affordable starting prices. But, in my experience, their website was a bit glitchy as well. 

Overall, it might be good for bloggers and beginners who just want a hosting for testing purpose. The higher plans might be good for small business and entrepreneurs, but I recommend you to store your backups in a different location. 

SiteCountry Alternatives

hostinger logo

1) Hostinger

Hostinger is a budget-friendly hosting provider with a modern and easy interface, excellent security features, and Indian payment options for their users.

Apart from the slow support, Hostinger proves to be one of the cheapest trusted web hosting with its plans starting from ₹79/month

hostarmada logo

2) HostArmada

HostArmada is a relatively new web hosting with a well-experienced team. They offer appreciable website speeds, good load handling on the Apache servers, lots of data centers, and a helpful support. Their uptime needs some improvement, though. 

Their pricing plans start at $3.99/month. 

chemicloud logo

3) Chemicloud

ChemiCloud is a renowned hosting service that offers everything one could ask for – lightning fast speeds, reliable uptime, excellent security standards, upto 50 cPanel migrations for free, and a drag-and-drop website builder.

Its pricing plans start at a slightly expensive pricing of $3.95/month. 

fastcomet logo

4) FastComet

FastComet is another popular web hosting that comes with swift speeds, efficient load handling capacities, and an impressive customer support. The storage space offered on their Shared hosting plans (15 GB on Starter plan) is a little less though. 

The pricing plans of FastComet start from $2.95/month


SiteCountry is a new web hosting company but the features they are providing according to the price point make it a really attractive hosting solution. 

If you are planning to use it, I would recommend you to keep a backup of your website and databases safely stored on an external cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. 

Personally‌, I will not be using it for my websites since it is a relatively new company, and I also got to face some glitches. This is the reason that for now I’m going to stick to trusted web hosts like Hostinger, FastComet, ChemiCloud, HostArmada, etc.

However, many people are looking for budget friendly web hosting service. Many only want a hosting platform to test it out, in which case, SiteCountry would do the job for you! Only remember to store your backups in a separate location. 

If you want a server that can handle high traffics but is not that costly, then you can check out the Elite plans of SiteCountry. If you used to purchase Namecheap shared hosting for testing‌, now I think you can use SiteCountry for testing your websites. 

Have you used SiteCountry hosting? How has your experience been with it? Let me know in the comments section below. If you want to stay updated with my latest blogs and videos, you can join my weekly newsletter.

This is Kripesh signing off! I’ll be back with another interesting article soon. Till then, take care and keep learning. 🙂


Can SiteCountry give 24×7 support?

Yes, you can expect 24/7 live chat support on SiteCountry. Not only do they offer quick replies, but their replies are also intelligent and helpful.

Can SiteCountry provide support in the Hindi language?

Yes, they provide support in Hindi language. This is highly beneficial for the Indian users. 

Can SiteCountry provide daily backup?

Yes, you get daily automated backups for your website through its JetBackup service.

Is SiteCountry hosting safe and legit?

SiteCountry is a new company and has not revealed details about its team on its website. This raises some concerns about its safety.
However, it offers some really powerful features at affordable prices. So, you can use this web host but make sure to store your backups in a separate location.  

Why is Public Cloud introduced when shared hosting is already cheaper?

The Public Cloud offers many benefits over the standard Shared Hosting. Shared hosting does not separate different users on the same server and is less secure. 
Public Cloud, on the other hand, implements lots of security measures, also speeds up your website to a large extent, and also reduces downtime. 

sitecountry logo

 SiteCountry Pros (+)

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Quick Support
  • Indian Data Centers
  • UPI Payments Option
  • GST Invoice
  • Load Handling

 SiteCountry Cons (-)

  • New Company
  • Many Plans
  • Backup Limit

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