Read Before You Visit Affiliate World Bangkok (2024) – My Experience & Few Learnings From AWC

Have you ever wondered how you can turn clicks into cash? Well, Affiliate Marketing might be the key to your online success!

I have attended plenty of affiliate marketing conferences in the last few years and returned with valuable lessons and connections. Popular names include AWC Europe, WordCamp Asia, ad:tech Delhi, IAS Conference, Google Search Central Live, and more. 

I recently attended the Affiliate World Bangkok! This was the last conference I attended this year and in this article, I’m going to narrate my entire experience, my learnings, and some tips for beginners. 

This time, I interacted with a bunch of affiliate marketers and experts as well. So, tighten your seatbelts for some crazy insights around niche selection, money-making, product testing, and more. The highest monthly income earned by affiliates would leave you stunned for sure!

So, are you ready to unveil the secrets of the affiliate marketing industry? Let’s dive into the enlightening experience of AWC Bangkok!

My Experience at Affiliate World Bangkok

Affiliate World is one of the most popular affiliate marketing events globally. You’ll find the best affiliate and eCommerce marketers at this 2-day offline event. It’s organized twice a year in Asia and Europe. 

It was recently organized in Bangkok and I participated in it too! I came back with a lot of exciting experiences. So, let’s begin by talking about the details of the event. 

Getting the Conference Tickets

I first headed over to pick up my AWC passes from the registration desk. The tickets to AWC typically range between $600 to $2000. But the catch is that the ticket prices keep on increasing with time. So, it’s best to get them as early as possible. 

To get your event passes, you simply need to show the QR code from your AW app at the registration desk. I found the registration and entry process to be truly effortless. 

If you find the ticket prices to be expensive, I also have a surprise for you. I’m the official media partner for AW Conferences, which means you can get additional discounts on your tickets by using my link. So, grab exciting discounts on your next AW Conference right away!

Networking at the Booths

Upon entering the event hall, you’ll first come across the networking booths. These booths have been put up by the sponsors of the event. These include esteemed names of the affiliate world like Propeller Ads, Monetag, Algo Affiliates, Xapads, Taboola, and many more. 

You could visit the booths of these companies, network with them, pitch your services, and even crack exclusive deals with them! I interacted with several of these teams and had interesting conversations about affiliate marketing!

Decent Food Arrangements

Talking about food arrangements, water, coffee, and ice cream were provided free of cost. However, meals had to be purchased from the food court at the event. In my experience, food items were quite expensive, and I didn’t like their taste either! 

Chilling at the Fun Areas

AWC Bangkok was not just about speaker sessions and networking. There was a lot more to it. You could get free massages, enjoy free gaming zones, oxygen areas, recharge zones, etc. If you were feeling too drained, these fun areas and activities helped you lighten up and relax!

Refreshing After Party

Just like everyone else at the conference, I was looking forward to the after-party as well! The official after-party organized by the AW Team was super fun. I got to connect with many old and new faces and formed some good connections.

But that was not all. There were multiple afterparties arranged by the sponsors, including Propeller Ads, ClickBank, AdsEmpire, etc. So, if you’re seeking fresh conversations and a lot of enjoyment, the afterparties have a conducive environment for that! 

Insightful Discussions at AWC Bangkok

I initiated a lot of interesting discussions with several affiliate marketing agencies and companies present at the conference. I asked them some in-depth questions about money-making, affiliate marketing, and product selection.

These would surely inspire future affiliate marketers! The answers are based on the genuine experiences of affiliate marketers with years of experience and expertise in the field. Let’s dive right in!

1) Highest Amount Made by a Publisher Through Affiliate Marketing

AdsEmpire revealed their affiliates earned anywhere between $200k to $300k every month! I also interacted with Monetag (a popular ad network), where they revealed that some of their Platinum partners earned around $500k a month from affiliate marketing! 

Similarly, I also chatted with Zappian Media, a lead generation company based in Bhopal. They revealed the maximum amount made by a publisher was around $80k a month (approx. ₹66 lakhs). Sounds amazing, right?

2) The Next Big Thing in Affiliate Marketing

On being asked what’s the next big thing in the affiliate marketing industry, affiliates believed that the implementation of artificial intelligence would increase and the iGaming vertical would be a hotspot for affiliates. 

Renz Gonzales (Head of Business Development at PropellerAds) believed that we’d get to see “bigger and better affiliate marketing events” in the future. Whereas, others stated how they had gradually shifted their affiliate network from email to Facebook and now to other social media platforms.

3) Selecting a Product for Affiliate Marketing

As per professionals, you first need to connect with an affiliate network. They will inform you about the ongoing offers on different products. Then, you can choose one on your own or get the help of affiliate managers for more insights.

Affiliates also stressed the fact that you should trust your account manager to help you select the best converting offer.

For ClickBank users, Vikash Gaur, a 4-time ClickBank Platinum Award winner, and a good friend, suggested the best way to select products is to check their gravity. If the gravity of a product is 100+, you can definitely consider it for promotion. 

The best category for starting with affiliate marketing is the spiritual niche.

4) Process of Testing Different Products

For testing different products, you’ll need to create separate landers, run different ad sets, and perform A/B testing on them. This will help you identify which product is working well for you. 

5) Minimum Budget Required for Affiliate Product Testing

As per professional affiliate marketers, you should have about $2k-3k before testing a product. If you want to test out weight loss products, you’ll require about $1000. Whereas, for the spiritual niche, you’ll only need about $300-$400 for testing!

6) Highest Earning Through Affiliate Marketing in a Day

The potential of affiliate marketing is insane! Vikash Gaur revealed that his highest affiliate earning in a day was $58k (approx. ₹48 lakhs).

Similarly, Jitendra Vaswani stated he earned ₹8-10 lakhs a day by just writing a few affiliate articles for a client! I was quite thrilled to know that Indian affiliates were earning these massive amounts with affiliate marketing!

7) Most Profitable Niche in Affiliate Marketing

According to successful affiliates, the most popular categories in affiliate marketing are weight loss and nutritional supplements. For ads, the best niche is social traffic, where traffic coming in from Instagram reels, Facebook reels, TikTok, etc generates a high CPM for affiliates.

Will I be Attending the Next Affiliate World Conference?

The next Affiliate World event is scheduled for the 28th and 29th of Feb 2024 in Dubai. A lot of the affiliate marketers I networked with at AW Bangkok affirmed they would be attending AWC Dubai as well. 

Talking about myself, I really wish to join this conference too. But I’m not sure about it right now. If I get some time from my schedule, I’ll definitely be booking my tickets!

But if you’re planning to attend the AW Conference, here’s my surprise gift for you! If you use my special link to purchase your AW Dubai tickets, you can get a 15% extra discount on your purchase! Sounds exciting? Go ahead and grab your tickets before the prices hike up!

My Tips for Beginners

If you’re attending the Affiliate World Conference for the first time, here are a few helpful tips from my side.

1) Not the Best for Absolute Beginners 

If you’ve just begun with your affiliate marketing journey, I won’t recommend you to visit this conference. The highlight of such conferences is networking. You’ll only be able to build reliable networks and use them once you have a considerable amount of experience in the field. 

Thus, beginners who don’t have any experience or insights may not find much value in these events. 

2) Check the Event Map

Before visiting the event venue, make sure you get acquainted with the Official AW app. You can check out the event map and locate where the booths of different companies are located. 

Then, you can pick out the ones you want to connect with and directly head over to their booth. This will help you save a lot of time and form better connections. 


In this article, I shared my experience at Affiliate World Conference Bangkok. It was a highly insightful event filled with lots of learning, networking, conversations, and fun! I hope it helped you understand what happens at affiliate conferences. 

This was the fourth time I attended the AW Conference and I’m glad they are actively making improvements in the event management. The podcast studio at this event was an interesting touch! I would love to see more such improvements and enhancements in future events. 

Have you attended any Affiliate World Conferences before? How was your experience and what was the best part about it? Share your experiences in the comments section. If you wish to attend any conferences in the future, make sure you subscribe to my blog for the latest updates! 

And if you need additional discounts on the upcoming AW Dubai tickets, you can use my special links to purchase them and get 15% off on your purchase. Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more interesting posts soon. Till then, keep learning and take care. Cheers! 🙂

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