Hostinger Cloud Hosting Review (2024) || Cloud Nirvana or Budget Nightmare?

Shared hosting has always been a popular choice when purchasing a web hosting service. However, it has its drawbacks in terms of resources and security. 

What if you could leverage the power of cloud services and expand your resources? That’s exactly what Cloud hosting is all about. It extends your server resources and ensures better security and scalability! 

Hostinger is a leading player in the hosting market, well-known for its shared hosting services. While I’ve covered them in detail in my Hostinger Review, this article will specifically focus on Hostinger’s Cloud hosting. 

In this Hostinger Cloud Hosting Review, we’ll delve into the major features of their Cloud plans and examine the results of various performance tests conducted on it. We’ll also compare the Shared and Cloud hosting plans and look at potential alternatives. 

Even if you were considering shared hosting solutions, I assure you that this review will be worth your time. It will help you weigh the features of shared and cloud hosting plans and choose the right hosting package as per your requirements.

Discover if Hostinger cloud is the budget-friendly rocket fuel you need or a potential budget nightmare.

So, with no further delay, let’s dive right in!

Hostinger Cloud Review

Kripesh Adwani

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Hostinger Cloud hosting offers swift speeds, remarkable uptime, and load management, along with fast and helpful support, and advanced backup options. It’s a suitable choice for anyone with an eCommerce store or a blog receiving monthly traffic over 100k.


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Hostinger Cloud Hosting Features Overview

Speed1.73 sec (India)
665 ms (Singapore)
3.98 sec (US)
Uptime99.95% (last 365 days)
BackupsWeekly backups stored for 7 weeks
Automated daily backups stored for 7 days
Manual backups and selective restoration are available
PricingStarts from $8.99/month
Refund Policy30-day refund policy
Payment OptionsUPI, GooglePay, Paytm, Net Banking, International Debit and Credit Cards, and Cryptocurrencies
hostinger cloud hosting review

Testing Parameters

For testing Hostinger’s Cloud hosting, I have purchased its Cloud Startup plan for $8.99/month. On this plan, I installed a WordPress website and implemented the following settings.

Test website
  • OceanWP theme (Elementor based)
  • Gym template
  • Litespeed Cache plugin (default settings)
  • Singapore servers

Hostinger Cloud Speed Test

Good page loading speeds are essential for a cloud hosting service. For conducting a speed test of Hostinger Cloud hosting, I used the KeyCDN tool. 

Hostinger Cloud Startup Speeds - India

First, I performed the speed test from India, where my website loaded in a swift 1.73 seconds. Next, I switched to Singapore. This time, it took merely 665.97 ms for my website to load. That was lightning fast! 

Hostinger Cloud Startup Speeds - Singapore

Finally, I checked the loading speeds of my website from New York. It took a surprising 3.98 seconds to load this time.

Hostinger Cloud Startup Speeds - US

The primary reason for these results is the fact that I had opted for the Singapore servers. As Singapore and India are both Asian countries, I saw quick website loading speeds.

Whereas, the speeds turned out to be poor in the US. I think implementing a good CDN can surely help improve the US speeds. 

Hostinger Cloud Uptime

I have been monitoring the uptime of my Hostinger Cloud website for the last 1035 days (or 2 years and 10 months). For this, I have used the Better Uptime tool, which monitors my website’s uptime every 30 seconds.

Hostinger Cloud Uptime Status Report (Last 12 months)

This is the Uptime Report for Hostinger’s Cloud Startup plan (Singapore servers) for the last 365 days.

December 2023100%
November 202399.97%
October 2023100%
September 202399.91%
August 202399.96%
July 202399.91%
June 202399.91%
May 202399.95%
April 202399.98%
March 202399.99%
February 202399.92%
January 2023100%

In the last 30 days, my website has been up 99.94% of the time. Whereas, in the last 365 days, it has been up 99.95% of the time. In the entire year, there have been 61 downtime incidents with the longest one stretching to 20 mins. The total downtime has been 3:45 hours.

Note: I have an active plan of Hostinger Cloud Startup plan. I will keep on updating the uptime every month here.

Overall, the uptime of Hostinger’s Cloud Startup plan has been pretty good. But if you want unmatched uptime, you can look at Cloudways or Nexcess

Hostinger Cloud Load Test

To evaluate the load management capabilities of Hostinger Cloud, I sent 50 virtual users to my website. These virtual users made a total of 17.6k requests. Surprisingly, none of the requests failed.

Hostinger Cloud Startup Load Test

The peak requests reached 98.67 req/sec with a P95 response time of 5.33 ms. This means 95% of the requests had a response time of 5.33 ms or lower. Apart from one major spike, the response time was fairly stable throughout the test period.

Hostinger Cloud Support

Hostinger offers customer support via a live chat and knowledge base. Unlike the usual support provided on Hostinger Shared hosting, you get priority support in the Cloud hosting plans. This means faster replies, even during peak hours.

Hostinger Cloud Live chat support

Their priority live chat support was quick and technically sound. They were able to resolve my general and technical queries with ease. Their knowledge base comprises an extensive collection of 1000+ annotated articles around all the major categories.

Hostinger Knowledge base

They also have a Tutorials page, where they offer webinars and video tutorials for beginners on Marketing, WordPress, eCommerce, and more. Overall, the customer support offered by Hostinger Cloud is really impressive! 

Hostinger Cloud Backups and Restoration

Backups are the most important security feature on a hosting. It saves your website data in case any emergencies arise. Where shared hosting offers weekly backups with daily backups only on higher plans, you get daily backups on all the Cloud hosting plans.

Let’s look at the backups offered by Cloud hosting in detail.

Hostinger Cloud backups

1) Weekly Backups

Every week, a backup of your website files and databases is performed. Their servers store up to 7 weeks of weekly backups that can be restored anytime.

2) Daily Backups

You get automated daily backups of your files and databases. These backups are retained for 7 days. So, at any point, you can restore to a backup from the last 7 days or the weekly backups from the past 7 weeks.

3) Manual Backups

With Hostinger Cloud plans, you can create manual backups that are stored on a different server for 30 days.

Hostinger Cloud Backups Restoration

4) Backup Restoration

Backups can be easily restored with a single click. It also allows selective restoration, using which you can choose which files or folders you wish to restore.

Overall, it’s easy to create backups and restore them on Hostinger’s dashboard. Their backup facility is really impressive.

Hostinger Cloud Pricing

Talking about the pricing, Hostinger Cloud offers 3 different plans, namely Cloud Startup, Cloud Professional, and Cloud Enterprise. With each of these plans, you get 3 months of free hosting along with a free domain and free website migration.

The following table presents the key distinctions between its different plans.

Cloud StartupCloud ProfessionalCloud Enterprise
Storage200 GB NVMe250 GB NVMe300 GB NVMe
CPU Cores246
PHP Workers100200300

The Cloud hosting plans of Hostinger start from $8.99/month. I have its Cloud Startup plan. With this plan, you get 300 websites, 200 GB NVMe Storage, 3 GB RAM, and 100 PHP Workers. You can use it for medium to high-traffic sites and even eCommerce sites.

Payment Methods

Hostinger supports the following payment methods: UPI Payments, GooglePay, Paytm, Net Banking, International Debit and Credit Card, and Cryptocurrencies.

Refund Policy

Hostinger offers a standard refund policy of 30 days. So, if you’re unsure about your purchased plan, you can test out all the features and return it within 1 month to get your money back.

Hostinger Cloud Discount Coupon Code

If you’re looking for an additional discount on Hostinger Cloud plans, you won’t be disappointed! I have an exclusive discount coupon for you!

Hostinger Cloud Discount Coupon Code

All you have to do is use my link to visit the official website of Hostinger. Choose your favorite Cloud hosting plan for at least a 1-year duration and enter the coupon code KRIPESH at checkout. This will give you a 10% extra discount on your purchased plan!

If you purchase a hosting plan through my link, you will also get the Hostinger Training Program and the Lightning Blogs Blogging Course for free!

Hostinger Shared Vs Hostinger Cloud Hosting

There are stark differences between Hostinger’s shared plans and cloud plans. The right choice can make a huge difference in your hosting experience. If you’re confused between these two types of hosting, let me make it easy for you.

The following table contrasts the important parameters that you need to consider while selecting a hosting package.

Hostinger Shared PlansHostinger Cloud Plans
PricingStarts from $2.49/moStarts from $8.99/mo
StorageSSD storage on Starter plansNVMe storage on all plans
Dedicated IP AddressNoYes
Free CDNNot on Starter plansOn all plans
Daily BackupsNot on Starter plansOn all plans
Priority SupportNoYes
PHP Workers40 to 100100 to 300
Best forSmall to medium websitesLarge projects with heavy traffic

If you have an eCommerce store or a blog that receives traffic of 100k+ visitors every month, Cloud hosting would be a better solution. It offers more PHP workers, storage, and better features to handle large traffic.

Whereas, if you’re a beginner who is just starting with their website and has fewer visitors, Hostinger’s Shared or WordPress hosting plans would be a better fit for your requirements. As you scale your blog or business, you can opt for the Cloud plans.

Beginners struggling with designing their first website can also check out Hostinger Website Builder. Besides hundreds of templates and features, it also offers AI website-building capabilities to generate professional and catchy websites within minutes!

Hostinger Cloud Alternatives

1) Hostinger Cloud vs Cloudways

Cloudways is a managed hosting built on unmanaged hosts like AWS, DigitalOcean, and Google Cloud. Similar to Hostinger Cloud, Cloudways features multiple server locations, lightning-fast speeds and uptime, excellent load management, and lots of security tools.

But unlike Hostinger Cloud, it also offers scaling options, server recovery options, safe updates, account sharing, and self-healing servers. You won’t find email hosting, a free domain, a website builder, or a refund policy on Cloudways, though. It also has a small learning curve!

The plans of Cloudways start from $11/month for the DigitalOcean servers. But if you use my link to purchase your plan and enter the coupon code KRIPESH, you can get a 20% discount on your hosting plan for the first 3 months!

2) Hostinger Cloud vs Nexcess

Nexcess is a premium managed hosting provider that offers excellent uptime and speeds, exceptional load-handling capabilities, email hosting service, lots of payment options, and selective restoration, just like Hostinger Cloud.

But unlike Hostinger Cloud, it features auto-scaling options, premium plugins, an average customer support team, CDN services, a complex staging facility, and no free domains.

The pricing of Nexcess hosting starts from $21/month. But if you use my link to purchase Nexcess, you can get extra discounts. The Starter plan can be availed for just $13/month instead of $21/month!

Not just that, you’ll also get access to premium WordPress plugins like iThemes Security Pro, Astra Pro, etc. So hurry and get your favorite Nexcess plan!

3) Hostinger Cloud vs Nestify

Nestify is a managed WordPress hosting service that exhibits fast speeds, advanced security, good uptime, and load management, secure automatic backups, and reliable performance, just like Hostinger Cloud.

Nestify differentiates itself by offering a powerful CDN, unlimited websites, one-click up-scaling features, a 60-day refund policy, and affordable prices. However, they can work on improving their support quality and providing free domain name or email hosting on their plans.

You get a variety of hosting packages on Nestify. Their Managed WordPress hosting package starts from $12/month!

Why Should You Trust Me?

I’ve been working full-time in the digital industry since 2015. In these years, I’ve used and tested all the popular hosting on my personal and client websites.

Hostinger, ChemiCloud, and FastComet are some notable shared hosting providers. Whereas, Kinsta, Cloudways, and Flywheel are popular managed hosting services I’ve reviewed. Detailed reviews are available on my blog and YouTube channel.

I’ve been testing the Cloud Startup plan of Hostinger for almost 3 years for this review. I even have an active subscription to it. Testing dozens of hosts in the past few years has given me the knowledge and expertise to compare them and recommend the best one for your requirements.


Overall, Hostinger’s Cloud hosting exhibits swift speeds, offers remarkable uptime and load management, fast and helpful support, and advanced backup options. It’s a suitable choice for anyone with an eCommerce store or a blog receiving monthly traffic over 100k.

Alternatively, beginners and small businesses with medium to low-traffic websites would benefit more from the Shared web hosting plans or WordPress hosting plans of Hostinger. As your business grows, you can upgrade to the Cloud plans.

Anyway, I hope this detailed review helped to understand the key features of the Cloud hosting package and also compare it with Hostinger Web hosting plans. I hope this information proves valuable to you in deciding which hosting is the right investment for your online journey.

Which hosting are you currently using? Have you ever used Hostinger Cloud hosting? Would you want to make a switch? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments box below. If you’re not much of a tech-savvy, you can also check out these Best Managed WordPress Hosting!

Anyway, this is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more interesting content soon. Till then, keep learning and stay safe. Cheers! 🙂


1) Is Hostinger’s Cloud Hosting better than shared hosting?

It depends on your requirements. For websites with heavy traffic, like online stores or news sites, Cloud hosting would be a better hosting option as it can handle excessive load. Whereas, for smaller websites, like blogs or business sites, Shared hosting would be a friendly choice.

2) How much traffic can Hostinger Cloud Hosting handle?

The Cloud hosting plans of Hostinger can handle anywhere between 200k to 400k monthly visitors depending on the plan you opt for. The Cloud Startup plan can handle 200k monthly traffic.

3) Does Hostinger Cloud hosting have a refund policy?

Yes, you get a standard 30-day money-back guarantee with Hostinger. In case you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can cancel it within a month of purchase and get your entire money back!

4) What are the payment methods supported?

Hostinger supports payments made through UPI, GooglePay, Paytm, Net Banking, International Debit and Credit Cards, and Cryptocurrencies.

5) Is there a Hostinger Coupon Code for Cloud hosting plans?

Yes. You can avail of the discount by using my link to purchase a plan for at least 1 year. If you enter the coupon code KRIPESH at checkout, you’ll get an extra 10% discount on your purchased plan!

6) Who should use Hostinger Cloud hosting?

Hostinger Cloud hosting is primarily beneficial for users with high-traffic websites that need high computational power, storage, PHP workers, and other resources. These may include eCommerce sites or blogs with 100k+ monthly traffic!

hostinger logo

Hostinger Cloud is a suitable choice for anyone with an eCommerce store or a blog receiving monthly traffic over 100k.

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