What is WordCamp? My WordCamp Experience

If your work revolves around WordPress, this article is for you! Whether you’re a WordPress blogger, designer, developer, or an agency, you must’ve definitely heard of WordCamps.

In the past few years, I’ve attended many networking events around the world. These include AW Barcelona, AW Bangkok, IAS Delhi, ad:tech Delhi, and a few WordCamps like WC Bangkok and WC Kerala. I’m also going to attend WordCamp Bhopal this October!

In today’s article, we’re going to discuss What is WordCamp. We’ll begin by understanding what it is, why you should attend it, and what exactly happens at a WordCamp. Then we’ll discover how to find local WordCamps, and check out the past and future WordCamps. 

Finally, I’ll also share some tips for beginners along with my favorite WordCamp events. So, with no more delay, let’s dive right in!

What is WordCamp?

WordCamp is an informal event organized by the WordPress community that’s held all over the globe. It is basically a 2-day offline event where you get to interact with hundreds of fellow WordPress users and learn tips, strategies, and concepts related to WordPress.


The first ever WordCamp was organized by Matt Mullenweg (CEO of WordPress’ parent company, Automattic). It was graced by 500+ participants and included presentations conducted by WordPress developers and users. Since then, 1100+ WordCamps have been hosted across 65 countries.

If you are a WordPress blogger, developer, designer, expert, consultant, or just a WordPress enthusiast aiming to learning something new, you can attend a WordCamp around you. It aims to promote healthy connections among WordPress users.

Why Should You Attend WordCamp?

You must be wondering what’s so special about a WordCamp. It’s just another networking event after all, right? Well, there are plenty of benefits of attending a WordCamp if your work revolves around WordPress. The most significant ones are highlighted below. 

1) Opportunity to Enhance Learning

WordCamp brings an exciting opportunity to learn new things and widen the horizons of your thinking. Being around experts and fellow attendees gives you the excellent opportunity to exchange your ideas and learn new tips and tricks to excel in your field.

Along with that, attending WordCamp workshops and speaker sessions also helps you learn about new concepts and innovations in the WordPress industry and how you can implement them into your work.

WordCamp Main Stage
WordCamp Main Stage

2) Cracking Exclusive Deals

At a WordCamp event, you will find booths of various WordPress themes and plugin developer companies. You can network with your favorite brands and get some exclusive offers or crack interesting deals with them.

3) Networking with WordPress Professionals

One of the biggest advantages of WordCamp is the networking opportunities it brings forth. There are hundreds of participants in a WordCamp event. You can easily find like-minded people, make new friends, and communicate with experts to gain valuable insights.

Forming connections at WordCamp Kerala
Forming connections at WordCamp Kerala

4) Affordable Ticket Prices

Ticket prices are usually pretty affordable at WordCamps. For instance, it may cost $40 on average for a 2-day event. Whereas, in Indian WordCamps, you may be charged about ₹600 for a usual WordCamp event!

WordCamp is a community-organized event that garners money through donations and sponsorships. WordPress volunteers organize it for the benefit of WordPress users. The aim of this gathering is not monetary benefit. Thus, they are able to keep the ticket prices so low!

What Happens at a WordCamp?

A WordCamp event is laced with 2 days of immersive learning and networking experience. It features a range of speaker sessions conducted by successful entrepreneurs and influential speakers.

WordCamp audience
WordCamp audience

They talk extensively about a range of topics related to WordPress. These include ways to use WordPress efficiently, WordPress security, blogging, SEO, link building, AI, social media marketing, monetization strategies, WordPress theme and plugin development, and much more.

It also includes hands-on workshop sessions, presentations, panel discussion, and networking events to help you partner with brands and grab some cool deals! Overall, WordCamps foster a healthy bonding and communication within the WordPress community.

How to Find a Local WordCamp?

Planning to attend a WordCamp, but international events feel like a big deal? Well, don’t you worry! WordCamps are organized quite frequently and in over 393 cities around the globe. Here’s how you can find a local WordCamp to attend near you.

WordCamp Schedule
WordCamp Schedule

You can visit the official WordCamp Schedule page and check out the list of upcoming WordCamp events. They have a chronological list of events and an interactive map that will show you all the WordCamps planned in your country. 

So, you can book your tickets ahead of time and take part in your favorite WordCamp. You can also subscribe to the Schedule page to stay updated with the latest WordCamp announcements. 

Registering for WordCamp
Registering for WordCamp

Finally, for taking part in a particular WordCamp, you need to visit the event’s website and locate the Tickets tab. There, you can purchase the passes and take part in WordCamp.

Past and Upcoming WordCamps

Since 2006, more than 1100+ WordCamps have been organized in 65 countries spanning the globe. In 2023 itself, 32 WordCamps have been successfully organized. 

WordCamp Jinja
WordCamp Jinja

As of Sep 2023, the last WordCamp was held in Jinja. Whereas, the next one is scheduled in the Netherlands. To stay updated with all the upcoming events, you can check out the WordCamp Schedule page.

I have personally attended a few WordCamps myself since 2021. Following are some Notable WordCamp events that you can attend in Europe and Asia. 

WordCamp Europe

WordCamp Europe is another influential community event that was organized in Athens, Greece on 9th and 10th of June, 2023. It brought together more that 2.5k+ WordPress enthusiasts from 90 countries and was a hotspot for tonnes of learning and networking opportunities.

WordCamp Europe
WordCamp Europe

The next WordCamp in Europe is going to be held in Torino, Italy in 2024. So, if you wish to attend it, make sure to subscribe to their WordCamp Europe 2024 page for the latest updates.

WordCamp Asia

Asia held its first ever WordCamp this year. It was organized in Bangkok from Feb 17 to 19 and I took part in it too! They had enriching speaker sessions, lots of fun activities, and a refreshing after-party, too. Check out my experience at WordCamp Bangkok in this vlog below!

I had an absolutely thrilling experience of interviewing so many professionals and learning from their experiences.

If I talk specifically about India, WordCamp Kerala and WordCamp Bhopal are the popular WordCamp events that you can attend.

In March 2023, I participated in WordCamp Kerala, which was a terrific experience! I loved the vibe of the whole WordCamp community, and the lasting connections I could form at this event. For more insights into my WordCamp Kerala experience, you can watch this video!

I’ll also be attending WordCamp Bhopal this October. It’s scheduled on 7th and 8th October and would present a great opportunity to connect with WordPress experts and professionals from India. So, if you’re into WordPress, don’t miss out on this exciting event!

Tips for Attending Your First WordCamp

If you’re about to attend your first WordCamp, here are some tips from my side that will enhance your overall experience during the event.

 1) Travel with a Purpose

Before you attend the event, be very clear about the purpose you wish to achieve. Make a list of the people you wish to connect with, the booths you want to visit, the speaker sessions you wish to attend, etc, to make the most out of the event.

WordCamp Freebies
WordCamp Freebies

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2) Collect Free Swags

On every WordCamp you attend, you’ll notice that they distribute free tokens of remembrance called as “Swags”. These include bags, diaries, stickers, t-shirts, and other collectibles. So, make sure you don’t miss out on these cool free swags!

3) Introduce Yourself

WordCamp gives you a golden chance to meet fellow WordPress users and experts in the community. Don’t shy out when introducing yourself to others. Be confident and interact with everyone with a positive attitude. Also, remember to bring your business cards.

4) Participate in Sessions

If you’re attending a workshop, discussion session, or speaker panel, don’t keep listening passively. Try to actively engage in the activity by asking questions, engaging with the presenter, and taking part in discussions.

5) Attend Social Events

If there are any social events or mixers after the conference, make sure you attend them. These events offer great opportunities for networking and relaxation after a taxing day.

WordCamp Afterparty
WordCamp Afterparty

6) Take Notes

With so much information being shared in the sessions, taking notes during presentations is a good idea. It’ll help you remember key points and ideas after the event.

7) Use Social Media

Make sure you’re using WordCamp’s designated hashtags on social media while sharing any pictures, experiences, or connecting with others.

8) Dress Comfortably

Conferences like WordCamp can be long and you’ll likely be moving between different rooms throughout the day. It’s best to wear comfortable footwear and dress in layers so you can adjust to different room temperatures. 


This article delved deeper into WordCamps and their significance for all WordPress users. Attending a WordCamp is worth it for anyone related to WordPress, as it provides learning and networking opportunities you won’t find elsewhere.

WordCamp community
WordCamp community

Because the ticket prices of WordCamps are pretty reasonable and pocket-friendly, even beginners can consider attending them and gaining valuable insights. I really hope this article helped you understand WordCamps in a better way.

Anyway, have you attended a WordCamp event before? Which one was it and how was your experience? If you’ve never been to one, are you planning to attend one in the future? Do you have any doubts or questions regarding WordCamps? Do share them with me in the comments box below.

This is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more such interesting and informative articles soon. Till then, take care and keep learning. Cheers! 🙂


1) What can you learn at WordCamp?

WordCamp can be a goldmine of valuable information. You can learn the latest developments and innovations in WordPress. Along with that, you can also learn WordPress tips, tricks, and strategies from successful entrepreneurs and influential speakers invited to the event.

2) How Long Is a WordCamp?

A WordCamp usually lasts for 2-days and comprises various workshops, stage talks, networking booths, freebies and snacks, and lots of learning opportunities.

3) How to Find a WordCamp Near You?

In stay updated with all the WordCamps around you, you can subscribe to the WordCamp Schedule page.

4) How to participate in a WordCamp?

To participate in a particular WordCamp, you need to visit the event’s website and locate the Tickets tab. There, you can purchase the passes and participate in WordCamp.

5) Who is WordCamp For?

WordCamp is an ideal networking event for WordPress bloggers, designers, developers, consultants, experts, and enthusiasts. If you’re related to WordPress, you should attend WordCamp. 

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